Linda and May, two dedicated support workers with a combined experience of 39 years at Potential Living, have always been known for their commitment to making the lives of our focus people filled with enriching experiences and laughter. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and restrictions were put in place, they noticed a significant decline in group activities and social interactions among friends.

Reconnecting friends

Realising the importance of reconnecting and reuniting friends, Linda and May put their heads together and devised a brilliant solution: a weekly lunch club. This initiative aimed to provide a space for friends to gather, share conversations, enjoy a meal, and most importantly, reconnect with one another. The group now meets every Wednesday, and Linda and May take charge of shopping, preparing, and cooking delicious homemade dishes that everyone enjoys.

The lunch club is a success!

The laughter and lively conversations that can be overheard during these gatherings are a testament to the group’s success. Their peers recognised and appreciated Linda and May’s efforts, as they recently won the “Team of the Month” nomination. Well done ladies!