Karaoke with Jonny

Jonny is Potential Living’s singing champion. He has worked with the organisation since 2017 as a full-time Support Worker, and one of his biggest pleasures is seeing our focus people smile and enjoy themselves.

Weekly karaoke

We have a weekly karaoke session organised by our support workers, and Jonny’s exceptional vocal talents serve as an inspiration for other equally talented singers to participate and choose their favourite songs. In addition to karaoke, the individuals we support also have the opportunity to create their own music using various instruments. One particular highlight is when Greg attends with his acoustic guitar, sharing his incredible talent and bringing smiles to all of our faces.

A born entertainer

Jonny is dedicated to the weekly karaoke group but he doesn’t like to ‘blow his own trumpet’! When we asked why he commits to the weekly karaoke group, his response was “I like entertaining our people, their smiling faces are what it’s all about”, and smiling and laughter is certainly the order of the day when Jonny is leading the singing.

Keep up the good work, Jonny!