Qualification Robert McAllister

In our latest blog post, we hear from Robert. He’s only been working in social care for the past 3 years but he’s seizing this great opportunity with both hands. He’s building a real career for himself in social care by gaining a qualification, with the help of some of the Potential Living team. He also received a bonus from the organisation for his hard work.

Taking the leap to work in social care

“I was anxious about applying for Potential Living, as it was my first job in a few years due to caring for my mother. I had worked previously as a security guard and had done some labouring work, so coming into the care sector was all new for me.

With the help of my work coach at the job centre, I managed to complete my application online, which was a worry for me as I had no experience with technology. I was really happy as I secured an interview from this and was successful for the position which I started on 3rd December 2021.

Gaining a qualification

I completed all my core training and was matched with 2 services. Once I had worked with the organisation for a while, I decided I wanted to further my knowledge in social care, so I decided to start my SVQ level 3 with my assessor Cathy Gemmell. I was again worried about this due to the use of technology, but we worked together and agreed the best route for me was to complete this on paper. I managed to complete one unit online and was supported to do this by Jenna Hughes (Staff Development Co-Ordinator).  I am extremely proud of myself for getting to where I am today, and I would like to use my new knowledge and skills to work in a challenging service.

Receiving a bonus

I feel I had great support throughout my SVQ and have gained amazing confidence from achieving this, and the £750 SVQ Qualification is a wonderful added bonus.”

Do you want a career in social care…

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