Potential Living is very much a local organisation and is proud to have been supporting people in the Lanarkshire area since 1982. Being local means that we have always been ideally placed to understand the particular needs of individuals living in our own area, allowing us to respond accordingly in our efforts to support the people we work for, their families and the wider community to overcome some of the barriers they face.

With around 200 staff we provide employment to a significant number of people in the local area. Our focus has always been to recruit local people, not only for the benefits that this provides in putting revenue back into the local economy, but also so that the people we work for can benefit from their wealth of local knowledge and community connections. We believe that relationships matter and the interaction between the people we work for, their neighbours, classmates, co-workers, club members, family and friends helps them stay connected and able to play their part in helping build a sense of community, commit themselves to each other and knit the social fabric.

At the centre of everything we do at Potential Living are the individuals who use our services. We always endeavour to ensure that the support we offer people is provided in a bespoke fashion, being entirely personalised to take account of the needs and aspirations of each individual and their own particular situation at any given time. We are able to do this by having knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated staff, who work alongside individuals, their families, friends, health professionals and social workers to develop a plan that makes sense to them and will help them achieve their goals.

Don’t just take our word for it. In our most recent Stakeholders and Partners Survey 80% of the health and social care professionals who also provide a service to the people we work for agreed that Potential Living had a very good reputation in comparison with other care providers in the area. The remaining 20% said that they did not know. The people who responded included psychiatrists, nurses, dieticians, speech and language therapists, chiropodists, physiotherapists and social workers.

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“Having worked with staff from Potential Living for some years now. I find the care they provide to be excellent. They enable people to live full lives and meet outcomes in their local community.”

Social Worker

“In general the patients I work with who are supported by Potential Living receive an excellent service. Staff communication is particularly effective, as is the leadership quality of team leaders.”

Community LD Nurse

“I have always found the support staff and team leaders extremely helpful. Through the years I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the service users and staff.”


“Probably the best provider I have worked with over the years.”



You can see what the people we work for and their families think from the testimonials spread throughout the site.