Having good values is one of the main criteria we use for recruiting, so having no previous experience as a carer is no barrier to finding employment with us. From the outset we build on an individuals’ strong value base by reinforcing that the job involves much more than caring for people, it involves helping them to have a life which is as full, rich and as interesting as it possibly can be.

Hi I’m Kevin and I’ve worked in sales and customer services for the majority of my career. I joined Potential Living in 2019 as a support worker armed only with personal experience of autism and my previous skills. Since joining my personal and professional development hasn’t stopped. I’ve gained my SVQ3 and I’m currently working towards my SVQ4. I’m also a trainer of CALM techniques to colleagues and I’ve taken the step up to a service managers role. Making a difference to someone’s life truly is the most rewarding experience and I’m grateful for that opportunity.

“That all may reach their potential” doesn’t just apply to the people we work for, but also to the people who work for us. Our goal is that our workers, as well as the people who use our services, two groups of people who can be both inspirational and visionary, along with our managers, work in partnership in a supportive environment as leaders at every level to find the creative solutions we require for promoting and celebrating the excellence for which we strive.

Some staff have worked with us for over 20 years, one third for more than 10 years and over half for 5 years or more. Throughout this time they have been supported to gain a wide range of qualifications and experience. As well as the formal academic and vocational qualifications you would expect, our staff are provided with a range of core training which includes; Moving & Handling, Infection Control, Food Hygiene, Risk Assessment / Enablement, Health & Safety, Financial Procedures, First Aid, Supporting Healthy Eating, Medication Handling, Positive Behavioural Support, Human Rights, Adult Support & Protection as well as much more specific training relevant to the individual we are working with such as CALM, Diabetes, Hoisting or Epilepsy.

If you would like a rewarding career where you can progress, have job security, and get an enormous sense of personal achievement from knowing you are helping other people then Potential Living is the place to be.

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